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Applications for students in Years 4 - 12 during 2021, and students enrolled in tertiary institutions are currently closed. Applications will open 1 October 2021.

Scholarships will be available to students who complete Years 4 to 12 in 2021.

Students must apply for a scholarship for the year level they undertook in 2021, e.g. a student in Year 8 in 2021 would apply for a Year 8 scholarship.

These school scholarships are for students who are studying in Victorian schools (Australia) and who are citizens or permanent residents of Australia.

The Department of Education and Training administers over 200 different student scholarship awards annually.

For information on available Scholarships:

Additional information can be found in the links below.

How to apply:

Register for Scholarships:

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Please note: Students are encouraged to apply for all scholarships that they are eligible for at their year level.

Important information: Students should only enter end-of-year results, mid-year results are not acceptable. If you do not complete all sections of the application it will not be assessed.

I consent to the Department of Education and Training (DET) and the Australian Government Department of Human Services (DHS) sharing my personal information, including my name/address/payment type/payment status and concession card type and status (where required) to determine my eligibility for student scholarships. I understand my consent will remain valid while I have an application pending or am in receipt of a scholarship through DET unless I withdraw it by contacting the Department or DET directly. I understand that if I do not wish for my personal information to be shared in this way, or I withdraw my consent, I must get proof of my circumstances/details from the department and provide it to DET, or I may not be eligible to receive or being considered for a scholarship provided by DET.

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