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Application Verification

Principals at government schools should immediately be able to log into the system using their PIN number. There is no need to submit any information first.

Principals at non-government schools who still use a user name in the form NG999999 should immediately be able to log into the system using that user name. There is no need to submit any information first.

If in doubt, just try to log into the  Principal Verification Site  (EduWeb name and password required).

Principals not in the above two categories must log into the system using a valid eduWeb user name and password.

To obtain an eduWeb user account please email your name and school details to the Student Scholarships administrator

For general scholarships follow these instructions:

A student's end of year results must be verified by the Principal before the online application is processed. Verification opens on 1 October 2023 and the closing date for the verification process is 1 March 2024.

When you receive a request from a student to verify their academic results you are requested to complete the following steps:

  1. Log into the  Principal Verification Site  (EduWeb name and password required) to access the verification screen.
  2. Click on the student’s application reference number in the Student List to view their details and academic results.
  3. Reconcile all the details on the screen with the information that the student has recorded.
  4. Indicate that the student's year level is correct via the Yes/No buttons.
  5. Confirm their school and community activities.
  6. Confirm their academic results. (You can make corrections to their results if necessary)
  7. Confirm or reject the online results by clicking on the appropriate button (confirmed correct or rejected incorrect) at the bottom of the screen.

Note that you may see a student's name repeated in the student list, once for each application. You only have to verify their results on any one of their applications.

If you are a non-government principal, you will need to enter your email address before you are able to confirm or reject the information provided.
Please note: the student will receive an email when you confirm or reject the verification procedure. If the student has not received this email by 20 February 2024, the student has been advised to check with you whether you have received the request.

If you do reject a student’s end of year results and click on the rejected/incorrect button, the student will automatically receive an email to request that they amends the results. Once the student amends the results, they must make you aware that the amended results have been submitted so that you can verify them.

Access request for non-Government school Principals

See the note at the top of this page. NOT APPLICABLE to principals at Government schools and Principals with a working NG999999-format user name.

If you are a principal of a non-Government school and do not already have access to this system in order to perform student verification, please enter your edumail user name, your school name and a contact phone number below and click the Submit button.
An email will be sent to the Scholarships Administrator who will verify your request and notify you when access has been arranged.

You must first have a valid eduWeb account.

* Denotes mandatory items